Venezuela: A Week In The Lines

San Cristóbal, Venezuela. How long does it take you to buy groceries? For Venezuelans, this has become a rather difficult question to answer. Nowadays, many medium and low-income citizens find themselves waiting for hours in order to buy rice, toilet paper and many other essential goods. And it does not stop with groceries; medicines, carContinue reading “Venezuela: A Week In The Lines”

Venezuela’s Politicized Border

Dear readers, Please check out an article we wrote for the International New York Times Opinion Section where we discuss the Venezuelan government’s aggressive shutdown of its border with Colombia and how this has affected residents. Thank you, Directus International.

Digital Storytelling on Scarcity in Venezuela

How long does it take you to buy toothpaste? For Venezuelans, this is a lengthy answer. You have to account for the amount of people outside of the store. And inside. Also, you have to take into consideration the day of the week in which the ending of your Venezuelan ID is allowed to purchase regulated goods, which variesContinue reading “Digital Storytelling on Scarcity in Venezuela”