Directus Short Films:

Watch the Short Films here

Venezuela: A Week In the Lines Digital Storytelling Series

“Venezuela: A Week In The Lines” is a digital storytelling series which explores the recent economic oppression experienced by Venezuelans as food supply has been limited due to a combination of abrasive economic measures, insufficient national production of basic goods and a steadily decreasing oil revenue, the country’s main source of income.

The series explores the hardship of buying groceries in this South American country and the vulnerability it brings to its population.

Watch the series here

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Unwelcome. A Documentary Series on Homelessness in Arizona.

In its four installments, “Unwelcome. A Documentary Series on Homelessness in Arizona” examines the systematic discriminations experienced by individuals experiencing homelessness in Phoenix, Arizona.

Through the testimonies of Arizonan citizens experiencing homelessness, service providers and activists the series explores some of the hardships of living in the city of Phoenix while homeless.

Watch the series here

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