The Covid Essays

A series of photo and written essays on the toll of the pandemic

[Covid Essays] 84

As wait to get my second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine there is a sense of optimism in the room. Conversations revolve around meeting friends, the Euro 2020 championship final, traveling abroad and a sense of relief that maybe the pandemic is coming to an end. This same week my 84-year old father suddenly succumbed…

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[Covid Essays] Rider

Staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be challenging for most but it is almost impossible for many in the migrant and refugee communities in Italy whose livelihoods are earned on a daily basis.

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[Covid Essays] I Persi | The Lost Ones

Walking through the streets of many cities in Italy we can see how, in many ways, death is not relegated to cemeteries and funeral services but instead it is part of everyday life and public spaces.

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